SCOM 2012 Beta is out

Alright!, just read some good news from Justin Incarnato over at the SCOM Blog…
The SCOM 2012 public beta is out and ready for download and evaluation. And dont forget that there is documentation included. Prereqs for software and OS are also listed on the download page.
Taken directly from Justins post in order to spread the word:
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Like most companies today, you rely on your IT infrastructure to keep your business running. You need to find out about and fix IT problems before they lead to any downtime or loss of productivity and revenue. This becomes even more challenging when you depend on a combination of physical, virtual, and cloud resources to run a diverse mix of operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Unix) that support any number of critical business applications. Microsoft understands these challenges and is dedicated to helping customers address these issues.
System Center Operations Manager 2012 provides the solution to the challenges mentioned above by:
•Delivering flexible and cost effective enterprise-class monitoring and diagnostics while reducing the total cost of ownership by leveraging commodity hardware with standard configurations to monitor heterogeneous environments.
•Helping to ensure the availability of business-critical applications and services through market-leading .NET application performance monitoring and diagnostics plus JEE application health monitoring.
•Providing a comprehensive view of datacenters, and private and public clouds.
Here’s what’s new
•Rich application performance monitoring and diagnostics for .NET applications plus JEE application health monitoring
•Support for monitoring heterogeneous environments
•Integrated network device monitoring and alerts
•Simplified management infrastructure
•Common console across datacenter and clouds with customizable dashboards
Download the beta here.
For more information, visit the new Operations Manager 2012 beta page
•Team Blog:
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From our side a big thank you to the team for releasing the beta and big congratulations for reaching this milestone!
Bob Cornelissen