Nworks UI cannot create channel sink to connect to URL

Ran into a small issue today where I wanted to connect to an Nworks 5.6 web UI and it promptly gave me an error. It was giving the same errors to the VIC machines who were trying to connect to this nworks EMS machine as well on port 4430.
This is the error I got:
Cannot create channel sink to connect to URL ”. An appropriate channel has probably not been registered.

A reboot of the EMS/UI machine did not help in this case, so I needed to dive a bit deeper. After looking around the net for a bit and coming across all kinds of .net forum posts and soap calls and other stuff I went to the next step. I got to talking to my friends at Veeam and Veeam support. These guys are great and react quickly.
The most likely thing to try in this case seemed to be to uninstall the nworks UI and re-install it again. As this is just an interface it can safely be removed and added again.
In this case this instantly solved the issue.
Still not sure why I got into this trouble though. It just seemed to have popped up.
So if you run into the same situation see if the quick fix steps like a reboot and re-installing the UI works for you. If not, ask Veeam support.
Big thanks to Sergey and Stanislav from Veeam for their quick responses!
So next step is of course to upgrade to nworks 5.7 with its fantastic improvements!

Bob Cornelissen