Next SCOM 2012 CEP meeting on Dashboarding is today

Today will be the fourth CEP meeting for the SCOM 2012 beta. Today will be about dashboards.
Creating good and flexible dashboards in SCOM 2007 was still not that good. Usually I would revert to Savision Live Maps for dashboarding and in some cases the Visio add-in. The next version of SCOM has a re-written dashboarding interface. Giving possibility to move snap-ins around the screen (so no need to start all over again if you make a mistake) and it has been made a bit cooler in the interface as well. The network guys have done a nice job in starting out with their network dashboard which give much better views than we were used to (when not using add-ins). Its great to see that the much requested features are now being included in the main product. Also it is built in a way they can extend the possibilities by building additional components you can add to dashboards later.
So I would advise to visit the CEP meeting as well and see what they did to dashboarding. I will try to blog my notes on the meeting tonight. So more to follow about the subject!