New version PKI Certificates monitoring pack for SCOM

Since years I have been using the PKI Certificates MP made by Raphael Burri to monitor certificates on servers with SCOM agents. Most often my customers use the basic functionality of the pack, being the certificates in the personal store of the computer itself. Most of the time we find certificates with issues, such as expired, not trusted, revoked, incomplete cert chain. Also it is very useful to find out a certificate is going to expire a few weeks before it does, so you can do something about it!
A few months ago I was in a discussion with Raphael about some small bugs in the pack, and was asked to participate in maintaining the pack.
This resulted in cooperating on a new version of the pack on github (which is the new location to find the pack), which got rid of the alert parameters presentation bug and some other small changes made.
Version has been released a few weeks ago and can be found here:
TopQore will continue to help maintain the pack going forward. Any questions or bugs can be submitted through Github there at that location.
We will also help to maintain the Scheduled Tasks MP found at now as well on Github. A few years ago we made a custom solution pack for a customer using this pack as a base to find out which Scheduled tasks were running under certain admin accounts (which needed to be changed).
Happy monitoring in the new year!