Mastering SCOM 2012 book

Early next year there will be a new Mastering SCOM 2012 book from Sybex. I have been asked to participate as a writer for this book together with a few others. So I will be writing a few chapters for that book the coming months. I love the challenge and the opportunity to work with the other writers of the book and the great people at Wiley. Means it will be a bit more busy for me and a bit less time to blog. Although I will try to keep up and post usefull information, tricks, errors, successes and so on.
It is already ready for pre-order over at Amazon:
As seen from Amazon the expected release date is in April.
The book page over at WIley website:
As things progress with the book I will do some more postings about the book, the authors team, the cover and perhaps release date and ways to get your hands on it B) We will see what happens 😀
Happy that the RC of SCOM 2012 is out now (see my post from yesterday) so can now re-build some test machines and get to work!
For later in a few months.. happy reading!
Bob Cornelissen