Key Management Service management pack for SCOM 2007

A few days ago Microsoft released a newer version of the management pack for monitoring the Key Management Service that is used to activate Windows Vista and Windows 2008 to now extend support to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.
The new version is 6.0.7234.0 and can be downloaded here or at the catalog.
From the MP download page the following information:
The Key Management Service is used to activate computers running Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Each activation request is logged on the KMS host. The KMS Management Pack collects data from the event logs of defined KMS hosts, and monitors those hosts for availability. This monitoring provides visibility into the activation traffic and the license status of volume activation clients on the network. This management pack monitors uptime and operational health of the KMS host(s) under management.
Feature Summary
Health of the KMS host
* Service Installed
* Service has no access to DNS server
* Server has a valid license
* Service is running
Key Management Service product
* Activation count insufficient
* Activities are idle
Expanded support
* Enables support for non-Windows KMS applications
* Extends support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Release History
* July 25, 2008 – Initial release, version 6.0.6278.9.
* Sep. 16, 2009 – Update release, version 6.0.7234.0, extended support for newer OS and decommissioned reports.