Jalasoft released the new Xian SNMP Device Simulator v4

Jalasoft released the new Xian SNMP Device Simulator v4.
This is a grrrrreat SNMP network device simulation tool which was and still is free of charge. It is great for instance for playing around with network monitoring in SCOM. I have been playing with previous versions a lot for testing and demo purposes. The great and innovative engineers at Jalasoft have now created a new version of this tool (v4) with some architectural changes and new possibilities and an expanded set of default available devices to simulate. It is now based upon agents which get installed on Windows machines with multiple IP addresses; and one console of this tool in the same network will manage these agents and start the devices you want on the IP addresses you select. It is very easy and quick. I will write more about this soon and provide some examples.
But for now here are the announcements:
The announcement on the Jalasoft blog
Explanations on the architecture and installation and use of the product from the Jalasoft blog
And a press release for the same
This will improve our possibilities to play around with network monitoring and for demo purposes. Thank you very much Jalasoft!
Bob Cornelissen