Humans of IT blog post

A few weeks ago while talking to the Humans of IT team about how I got into IT, they asked me to write a blog post about my story from Fisheries Biologist to wherever I am now. It is an interesting part of our field of work in IT, looking at people who are still in school or joining the workforce or being in IT or in any other field of work for some time and might be looking for a change. There is also a mentoring program there, and there are forums and yes there is a blog with all kinds of stories. I read several and it is very inspirational. Happy to have been asked to tell my story. Some of you only know me as the SCOM-Bob guy from the last 10 years or so. But some of you know me for much longer. It is so fun to look back and think how strange the paths are that we walk on and which directions we select at each cross-roads.

Have a look if you enjoy a story and some pictures. There is always somebody behind what you see with a past and choices.

Community is everything, and I hope to show through the story and yes some pictures which not many have seen, that there are opportunities ahead for everybody.

Bob Cornelissen