So in case you are wondering on my inactivity this time… I am in Thailand with my Thai part of the family and this time my Dutch mother went along. She has the greatest time of her life and all her previous fears fade away. It is because Thailand is a…

Where is my SCOM R2?

Update to below post: Still not on MSDN but available on partner download site now. I saw on the blog from my friend Marnix that he had it on MVLS as well now.
Well my friends… I did have some discussions about the availability of the SCOM R2 bits…

Wow, 3 months

Did it really take 3 months to publish another blog entry? Things have been busy, so I am sorry I haven’t kept up so far. Will be back a bit bit quicker now 😀

DPM Reporting error 3013

I came across a DPM server where I could not get into the Reporting tab.
It gave an error:
Could not connect to SQL Server Reporting Server because of IIS Connectivity issues.
On the computer on which the DPM database was created, restart the World…

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SCOM auto-recovery when cluster service stops

Came across a blogpost from Kevin Holman today about the behavior of SCOM in combination with the Cluster service when the Clustering Management pack is installed. When the cluster service goes down on a cluster node there is an automatic recovery that i…

FastCGI PHP on Windows 2008

Ran into an issue today while playing around with PHP on Windows 2008. Installed the CGI module for the IIS role (giving you FastCGI) and installing PHP. Followed all the common guides and eventually did not get a simple phpinfo to run. Got an error 500…