SCOM Dell management pack V4 released

Dell released a new version of their management packs for SCOM.
Here is the link:
Some fixes and enhancements as mentioned on that site:
Dell Server Management Pack Suite v4.0 (A00) provides:
Improvements in scalability and performance over the previous releases by including:

  1. Server Scalable MP (for managing large enterprise environments)
  2. Server Detailed MP (addon MP that provides detailed instance level monitoring)
  3. Performance and Power monitoring and OpenManage 6.1 support for Dell Server MPs
  4. DRAC and CMC MPs to monitor Dell Remote Access Controllers and Chassis Management Controllers
  5. Override utility to enable Informational alerts for managed Dell Servers

Also as far as I understand from this they have split things up according of what needs to get monitored. Also the old Dell MP needs to get removed first before installing the new version of the MP on your SCOM.
Will post more info soon as this MP is going into one of the SCOM implementations I am working on currently.