Where is my SCOM R2?

Update to below post: Still not on MSDN but available on partner download site now. I saw on the blog from my friend Marnix that he had it on MVLS as well now.
Well my friends… I did have some discussions about the availability of the SCOM R2 bits between the RTM and today. The customer availability (including MS Certified partners) would be the first of July. So yesterday I checked on MSDN and no luck there. So assumed they meant the first of July in american time zones. So this morning and this afternoon I checked again and no luck yet. I have seen a number of blog posts already about this.
We have several customers waiting to install the RTM bits and to upgrade the previous version. As we are getting closer to my summer holidays it is getting harder to schedule everything in. Lets hope the iso will be released soon.
If anybody has some good news on the real release date than please let me know.