Warning, KB2775511 together with SCOM can cause deadlock issues

It seems a few days ago a regression error was found with SCOM in combination with a rollup hotfix KB2775511. We are talking potentially both SCOM servers and agents. The rollup however is a rollup of about 89 hotfixes. We have no info yet on which specific files/hotfixes would be involved. We only have heard about the rollup itself. More info will surely follow.
Currently it is advised to not roll out KB2775511 if you are running SCOM. No advise on the contained hotfixes separately, but I would opt to wait for more info regarding this issue before deploying any of those separately on servers.
The notice with the warning is from this website.
Update: I havent been able to locate this one on my laptop (Microsoft Update) and WSUS. So perhaps not that many people are running this KB2775511 yet. I hope so.