SCOM Trick 47 – SCC Health Check reports

While working with SCOM you will want to know more about what is happening to your monitoring system. This could also be for reasons of troubleshooting, but also in order to catch problems before you will actually be affected by them.
Oskar Landman and Pete Zerger took up the challenge to gather useful queries and create reports targeted at both the opsDB and OpsDW in order to gather relevant data.
Check out the Database Hygiene series by Pete Zerger for background information:
The how and why story for this management pack is given here by Oskar:
The management pack can be found in the mp catalog at SystemCenterCentral:
Now we have a way to take a look at agents, alerts, config churn, events, performance, state and general reports. Very valuable stuff and have found this to be very useful in many environments.

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