SCOM Trick 45 – ReSearch This MP

A few tricks must be dedicated to community management packs, simply because they provide a great added value to the product. Some of these are created to provide monitoring for some kind of product, some are for viewing or reporting purposes and some are for troubleshooting and researching purposes. And this is only part of it of course.
One to the topic for today…
The ReSearch This MP has been created by Cameron Fuller as a simple way to quickly move from a SCOM alert to a central community repository where it tries to find an entry for a similar alert. So after importing this mp you will find additional actions in the right-hand actions pane in your SCOM console. When you select any alert and click this action it will open a connection through your browser to the SystemCenterCentral site where it looks for entries that discuss this same alert. These entries are created by community members, such as Cameron and others. There could be several possible solutions to any problem as sometimes it is specific to the customer environment. But mostly these are very helpful and in some cases you will find several entries for the same alert. Check through the ones that cover the same alert description and it will bring you up to speed with ideas on how to fix it.
This is a management pack I deploy in a lot of SCOM environments, because it is easy and helpful when troubleshooting alerts. And it is usable for every level of SCOM operator.
You can find it here:

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