SCOM Trick 39 – RMS reconnect to SQL feature (post CU4)

In the past when the SQL server for SCOM had been down for whatever reason (installing updates, downtime and so on) the RMS would have trouble re-connecting to the database and thus having trouble to start running again. Actually I have only seen this happen in the larger SCOM setups and with a bit more downtime than just a cluster failover on the SQL side. But when it does happen you might want to use an optional feature that was introduced in SCOM 2007 R2 CU4.
Kevin Holman explains the feature and how to enable it, but the procedure is pasted below for your convenience:
To enable this feature – On the RMS – create two new registry entries:
Under the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\DAL” key, create two new DWORD values, as below:
DALInitiateClearPool should be set to Decimal value “1” to enable it.
DALInitiateClearPoolSeconds should be set to Decimal value “60” to represent 60 second retry interval.
You can refer to Kevin’s post for the whole story:

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