SCOM Trick 22 – Only seeing 7 days of alerts

In SCOM operations we often get the question where a certain alert is. For instance one person is seeing the alert and another person is not seeing it. This might seem like something easy (and it is!!), but I think I get or see one question about this each week.
This usually comes down to two kinds of scoping.
The first one can be found near the top of any alert view. It has a calendar icon next to it. If it does not say “Show all data” it might be scoped to show only the alerts of the last hour/day/week/month for instance.
The second one is next to it on the menu bar and is called Scope. If Scope is turned on it will only show items for whatever you scoped for. For example when you scoped for Exchange you will likely only see those. If the scope is turned on you can mostly see near the top of the alert view what the scope is set to (or in authoring in Monitors or Rules views as well).
Many times one of these options is turned on and this is why not all alerts are seen.
In some of the dashboards, like Savision Live Maps, there are also filters to show certain periods, objects or for instance only Critical alerts or states. When you have a feeling you might not be seeing everything just let your eyes wonder towards those menu options and see if there are any filters active.

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