SCOM Trick 15 – cross platform agent troubleshooting

So you want to do some cross platform monitoring of Linux and Unix clients with SCOM. A very good idea. As mentioned before in Trick 1: Read the product documentation at
But in some cases you might run into issues. These can range from networking, firewalls, dns, certificates, ssh, root rights and more.
There are a few good write ups on things to check to troubleshoot deployment of agents to Linux or Unix servers. In most cases encountered issues and solutions apply to any kind of cross platform agent.
I have done some extensive troubleshooting myself and blogged about it here:
A three part series on troubleshooting cross platform agent discovery and installation:

SCOM agent on Sun Solaris:
SCOM agent error: cimserver: Failed to load the Provider Manager for interface type “CMPI” from library:
Discovery wizard errors while deploying RedHat agent:
Discussions by Robert Hearn:
Can’t get your Linux computer discovered? Check your network configuration
A four part series on troubleshooting cross platform discovery and agent installation:
Discussions by Daniele Muscetta:
Daniele has written a number of very informative posts since the beginning of the crossplat monitoring days (the beginning of the beta period that is 😉 ). Lots of information available under the xplat tag on his site:

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