SCOM Reporting Webinar By Bob and John

We have an upcoming webinar with Savision this week featuring Microsoft MVP, Bob “SCOM-Bob” Cornelissen, Microsoft MVP, John Barretto and Savision’s Support Manager, Chris Malay. The webinar will guide you through the most important SCOM reporting features and take your SCOM reporting skills to the next level.
Here is a quick summary of what we will cover during the session:
– Overview of the most useful types of reports for different stakeholders
– Tips and tricks to test your reports and make sure they work all the time
– How to avoid empty reports and other common SCOM reporting issues
– How to automate reports and receive them via email every month
– A demonstration of Savision’s FREE SLA Reports Management Pack
– And much much more!
Date/time: Thursday, March 1st at 4pm CET
Do not miss your chance to ask all your SCOM reporting questions to a top expert in the field!

Register HERE!