SCOM 2019 Update Rollup 1 (UR1) what is included

Today Microsoft released UR1 for System Center 2019. I created a post about that earlier today. This post is specific for the SCOM product.
There are a number of things you need to know for this release and I will include links to bits and pieces below in the text. There are a few informational pages and download links which might be applicable to you.
First of all this is the link to the page detailing the fixes and changes
The list is large, this is partly because all kinds of fixes introduced in SCOM 2016 UR7 and UR8 have been included as well in the 2019 UR1, aside from the work done on this release. The list includes items for Web Console, Unix/Linux monitoring, Network monitoring, Admin console fixes and some others.
There are a few download links on this page.
Download for the separate MSP packages =
Download for the Simplified Server Patching Exe =
I will explain more about this below.
Next to this there is a page with information on the New features in UR1. As you may know the story used to be that 2016 gets Update rollups consisting of mainly fixes. The Semi Annual Channel updates (1801 and 1807) were created for fixes and new features. Since the SAC does not exist anymore, the SCOM 2019 update rollups will contain both fixes and features again each half year.
In short the main new features are:

  • Multi language installer for SCOM components
  • Simplified Management Server patching
  • Distro-agnostic management pack for RPM and Deb based distributions
  • Support for RedHat 8
  • Performance and reliability and scalability improvement in Linux/UNIX monitoring
  • Support for Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)
  • New packs for Azure MP and Storage Spaces Direct MP

One of the new things in UR1 is a request which has been living in the SCOM community for a long time. It is the patching of a management server and including those previously manual steps of updating the management packs and running a SQL script. All in one go. The downloaded MSP file will take care of that without visual information of these steps. There is also a downloadable EXE which will show the process graphically. Just update your management server and it will take care of the rest. Also if you update another management server after that it will only do what is needed. I am maintaining my serious advice to only update 1 management server at a time. Also keep in mind that officially it is recommended when installing a new management group to wait a few hours between installing 2019 and running the UR1 (or URx).
Process of GUI based patching =
We are likely going to be writing about a few of these updates specifically very soon as well, because there is more to be said about them.
First of all lets start updating our SCOM 2019 infrastructure to UR1.