Savision enthusiasm

Last week I visited Savision head quarters in the Netherlands.
Was great to see them again and talk about new things to come.
I can’t wait to see and get the new releases of software coming from these guys.
Of course there will be a new version of the world class Savision Live Maps. Amongst other features it will also work together with a feature built in to the new Jalasoft R2 version, also due to be released shortly. This is about Network topology discovery and of course visualizing it in a Live Map. You guys will have to wait and see this for yourself. Hang on, will be there soon.
We also discussed about one of the new projects Savision is working on and had a chance to give some feedback and discussion about it. I can not say much more about this for now as this is internal NDA. Just keep an eye on these guys for the coming months as they will go public with this. All I can say is that I realy like it and that I think they are on the right track with this.
Thanks guys!
I will blog more details after my friends at Savision publish their info on this.
Bob Cornelissen