Orchestrator 2012 web console not working

We have had an issue with the Orchestrator web console not working at a customer site for a while. Since this feature was not used it got pushed back to lower priority. However for instance the Infront management pack for Orchestrator did not work anymore due to their connection to the web service and we could not follow the status of runbooks anymore. It bugged me today again so went into fixing it. I used some websites/blogposts/KBarticles/forums to get all the items together and will post links at the bottom. The following steps were needed to get it up and running again:
There are a number of known issues for instance after upgrading Orchestrator from a previous version. Lets start with the first:
The Orchestration Console cannot be opened after upgrading to System Center 2012 R2
Error Executing the current operation
Arguments: NotFound
The SQL statement to run is included in the KB article above.
Next thing to check while you are there right now is in SQL mgmt Studio click to the database – security and find the Orchestrator service account used to connect to the database. Make sure it is assigned the DB_owner role.
Web Services
On the Orchestrator web server go into the IIS manager. You will two websites relating to Orchestrator. Click each website and next select the “Basic Settings” button. Make sure the websites are not using the default applicationpool but the “System Center 2012 Orchestrator Web Features”. In my case this was set to default applicationpool as well, so had to change it.
Another step you may want to do (and it is part of what got it fixed for me!) is in IIS Manager go to that application pool “System Center 2012 Orchestrator Web Features” and click “Advanced Settings”. Find the Process Model -> Identity. This should be the service account from Orchestrator. Please go into that by selecting the … button in that line and re-enter the username and password.
Next step:
We need to check the web.config files.
How to Change the Orchestrator Database
I had to use the second part of that post to decrypt on config file and change it to use the correct database server and instance and database (we have changed the SQL server at some point to be places on an Always-On cluster) and encrypt it again. Keep in mind the syntax of the two commands. The “connectionStrings” part is case-sensitive so wite it exactly like that! Also the path to the web.config file may need adjustment. For instance in our case the folder was “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Orchestrator\Web Service\Orchestrator2012” You will see when it works the way as intended.
Next one to check out while you are at it:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Orchestrator\Orchestration Console\web.config
In that file I took the line:

<add key="ScoServiceUri" value="http://SERVERNAME1:81/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc"/>

And made a copy of it to the line below it. Next add the FQDN to it so it reacts also when using full server names:

<add key="ScoServiceUri" value="http://servername.domain.name:81/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc"/>

And save the file.
After any of these changes make sure you restart IIS completely.
Other stuff:
Somebody had a problem with Locale localization of the server:
Orchestration console fails to start with [Arg_TargetInvocationException] error
Hope it helps somebody who runs into Orchestrator web console problems.
Throughout these fixes I have used posts from these links:
Thanks Brad!
Good luck to all!
Bob Cornelissen