New SCOM tool – Subscriptions copier

Timothy McFadden published another tool to compliment your SCOM toolbox. It is the Subscriptions copier. And it is used to – uhm – copy subscriptions!
So how can this be usefull? Well in many cases subscriptions are not always that easy (like the send ALL alerts through the email to the system admins team). In that case this tool can simply copy the subscription and you can rename it and change some settings for it (like where you send the alerts). But the tool can also create a number of copies in one run.
You can imagine a situation where you want alerts to first be sent to a team of admins who should be able to solve the issues or who would acknowledge them by changing the resolution state of an alert. After a while you might want to send a reminder email about open alerts to the same group. Or you might want to send a reminder to somebody else – for instance to a manager in order to escalate after some period of time if the alert still has the New state. It is easy to create the subscription (or copy 😉 ) and set a Delay of 60 minutes in order to notify a manager of an alert that is still in the New state.
The tool can be found here:
Thank you very much for this addition Timothy!
Bob Cornelissen