New hotfix for SCOM 2019 UR1 for alert management

Microsoft released a new hotfix yesterday for SCOM 2019. Specifically to handle a few items which appeared after some new features were released around alert management.
The items in this fix:

  • User will be able to edit columns on closed Alerts irrespective of Health State.
  • Alerts can now be closed if the underlying Monitor’s Alerting is disabled which was not possible earlier.
  • Overridden Monitor Alerts can now be closed if Alerting is disabled for underlying Monitor, irrespective of Monitor Health State.
  • User now gets appropriate Exception message on Web console when monitor based alerts are closed with unhealthy monitors.
  • Automatic Alert Resolution: Segregating Rule based alerts and monitor based alerts.
  • Automatic Alert Resolution: Monitor Based Alerts cannot be closed until monitor is healthy

Have a look at the more extensive description of the issues at hand with examples written down by the product group:
The KB article description here:
Which also includes a link to the patch and how to apply it.
Keep in mind this is a hotfix on top of 2019 UR1.