MP Studio v4.1 Now Available

From Silect comes this update:
MP Studio v4.1 Now Available
We’re pleased to announce the availability of our latest release of MP Studio available for upgrade now for all MP Studio customers currently on maintenance. MP Studio v4.1 has now added additional capabilities to help you further decrease complexity, speed implementation, eliminate risk and increase productivity with System Center Operations Manager:
MP Studio Enhancements Included in this Release:
New Column Creation Wizard for more flexible custom Management Pack Documentation reporting. MP Studio’s already powerful MP documentation capabilities have been enhanced to include an easy-to-use column creation wizard, where users can extract a subset of data such as Event ID or Frequency and have the data neatly displayed in a dedicated column.
Override Management has become even more flexible with added support for targeting of Groups. Bulk override management has also been extended to allow users to modify the targets for the block of overrides they are creating.
The MP Development Center now supports offline creation of management pack contents such as Targets, Event Rules and Service Monitors. This new operation provides enhanced flexibility when developing an MP where access to a server hosting the line of business application may not be available.
Additional Installation and Administrative Features have also been enhanced in this new version.