Im back and blog errors

Hi all, I am back from my trip to the states for the MVP summit and the MMS. It was great to see everybody again and hear a lot of stuff. Totally worth the trip.
Last few days I had some issues with this blog. Basically it is running a PHP type blogging software with a MYSQL backend. Something went wrong with the MYSQL and it wasnt easy to fix. Somehow this is working again, but I do not trust it enough. This means I will be transferring the whole blog to a freshly installed server and trying to move the software and databases over, so everything remains the same. Probably with higher versions of both software parts and of course also higher Windows version and so on. If it is down for a number of hours or even a day it will probably be because im moving it at that time.
There was somebody who sent me an email about a page he was trying to get while it was down. Thats great! Feel free to do so if that happens.