Funny install issue

We had something funny today in a non-production environment.
We were simply installing the great product nWorks 5.6.
Installing the EMS first. During the install have to enter a service account. So we did, existing account in the domain, local admin and everything. It would simply not acknowledge that account!!! told me that the account or password was not correct. Well we were logged on with that account!
WHen running it as my own account (and installing the service with my account) the install went fine. So had to be the service account!
You never believe what the reason was…
There was an AT (@) sign at the end of the account name.
So in AD Users and Computers. Open an account properties. Go to the tab Account.
In the user login name part there are two fields.. one for the account name and one for the logon domain.
In the logon domain field there was just one AT sign !! no domain there… It should have been @domain.something.local for instance.
When we selected the correct domain, everything worked as expected.
This is what that looks like:

We also found the cause already, it was due to a script based account creation in the past.
Guess windows did just continue with this issue, but the installer of for instance nWorks could not handle that kind of abuse :p
Funny thing!
Glad we found and fixed it.
I dont expect anybody else to ever run across this as its a chance of one in multiple milions :crazy:
But perhaps you can laugh about it as well, just like we did (after finding out what the issue was).
Greets from Bob Cornelissen