Exchange 2010 stuff

Like I said a lot of interesting things are happening and here are a few posts from several blogs (and a few from the You had me at EHLO blog!) that caught my eye for several reasons!
Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta has been released and has been discussed previously by the exchange team covering new features and can be downloaded here.
Update rollup 4 for exchange 2010 is available since 17 June. You can find more info on the exchange team blog here.
I actually wonder if the exchange 2010 database reduncancy check script as discussed here has been included in Rollup 4 already.
Nagesh from the exchange team made a posting on a deeper dive into the RPC Client Access Server in Exchange 2010.
And Ross about single item recovery in Exchange 2010.
Something I have not yet used, but has ben around for a few months already is the successor for PFDAVadmin and is called ExFolders. This is to be used with Exchange 2010 as WebDAV has disappeared from that version. Also the PFDAVAdmin tool has gotten an update lately.
A big thank you to David Zazzo for pushing MS to release a tool they have used internally for some time to work with many RDP connections. RDCMan is the name of the tool and can be downloaded here. You can read more about the tool in Davids blog post.
A paper on the advantages of Exchange Unified Messaging features to boost Voicemail can be found here.
The Exchange guys have been creating a video series with Perry Clarke about of course Exchange! You can check out the Ask Perry series with sessions like “Exchange Data Protection” and “More Exchange Data Protection – Beyond Replication” and “Exchange Mailbox Storage Bricks”.
Thats about all I quickly saw passing by that I wanted to mention and move back to soon. Last weekend I did an MS update run and it did not pick up the Rollup 4, so I will do that during off hours this week manually 🙂 Will have to see when to test the SP1, as it includes some nice features as well!
Bob Cornelissen