Error 31901 during Exchange 2003 discovery

At one of my customers I accidentally came across a machine that was not running its dicovery of the Exchange 2003 role correctly. I was actually looking for something else and had to connect to the mail server and because I did not remember its name I used SCOM to see which one it was :p Anyway, the view was empty.
So when looking in the OpsMgr event log at the mail server (which I did find through another route :yes: ) I saw this Error:
Event ID: 31901
Source: Health Service Modules
Description: The Registry Probe could not connect to the registy of the computer \
Error: 0x80070035
One or more workflows were affected by this:
Workflow name:

So at first I thought to just ping that machine name (the fqdn of the machine). And I got another ip address than I expected. Turned out that this machine had two network interfaces (one connecting to storage). So it was using the wrong interface first. I checked by doing an nslookup against the DNS server and that one gave the other ip address.
Now the 0x80070035 actually does point to a Network path not found.
So this can happen more often if the additional network card for storage or backup purposes has some features disabled and is listed first in the binding order.
As this was a Windows 2003 machine I went to Network Connections – Advanced – Advanced Settings and found the following binding order:

So the Storage adapter was set to the first position.
And when looking at the properties of that adapter:

So Client for Microsoft Networks is not enabled.
Because of that combination the discovery could not connect to the registry of the machine using the network adapter listed first in the binding order.
Simply solve by changing the binding order and its all systems GO!
Now back to solving that other issue I was actually investigating at first :>>:>>:>>
Bob Cornelissen