Discovering virtual machines with SCOM

Just thought to post on a management pack that has been around for some time, posted by my friend Pete Zerger. On Windows boxes it not only discovers if it is a windows virtual machine (hyper-v for instance), but also if it is a vmware guest. This is very valuable as you might want to set overrides to performance monitors/rules for virtuals. Here is the Virtual machine discovery MP on systemcentercentral. Check this MP out and load it into your system. It is very valuable.
In the meantime it looks like the same is not yet available for vmware guests running linux, so I will create a discovery for that and a quick check if the vmware tools deamon is still running on the box. Will share that MP with you guys as soon as it is finished or in a stable stadium 🙂 Already half way there.
Anybody wanting to offer any help with this is welcome as well by the way :yes: as long as progress is there.
Bob Cornelissen